About Lindsey

Lindsey has been a very accomplished rider for the past 18 years with many awards in Dressage. She nurtures the advancement of the horse and rider through FEI, utilizing the fundamental principles of dressage, especially the use of a correct seat and the lightness of aids. She can take your green-broke youngster and teach him the dressage basics or tune up your older horse so he is more responsive, balanced, and coordinated.
Knowing that every horse and rider have their own unique personality and learning style, Lindsey understands that each individual needs to be taught differently. Her passion is to create light, supple, through, well-balanced, and happy horses with thinking, feeling, effective, and empathetic riders so they are able to find solutions for themselves.
Lindsey believes that with patience, a solid foundation, and a good seat, no goal is impossible. Her horses develop strong, elastic backs, and are sensitive and light in the bridle. She has a clear understanding of what it takes mentally and physically for a horse to perform the dressage movements. So many times Lindsey sees horses who are misbehaving simply to avoid having to work through pain because they have been forced into a frame. To avoid this, she uses hills and field work for muscle and endurance strengthening with all of the horses. She believes that the only way to train a dressage horse is to always remain fair to them. Fairness means preparing the horse mentally and physically through certain strengthening exercises before teaching a specific movement.
Her theory is based on lengthening the horse's back muscles with a light hand and effective seat so the horse can truly engage from behind and come into the bridle. Lindsey has much experience in working horses through these issues and turning them into happy and willing partners!
Whether you are a weekend rider or have FEI aspirations, Lindsey can help you reach your goals. Lindsey also enjoys working with eventers and hunter/jumpers to help them improve their foundation. Trailer-ins are welcomed. Catlin Farm has a wonderful school horse for those without a horse or those who just want improve their seat.                                                                                                         While benefiting not only herself but also her students with an ongoing education, Lindsey is currently training extensively with Pierre St Jacques ( and has trained/cliniced in the past with
Gunnar Ostergaard, Conrad Schumacher, and Steffen Peters. Pierre comes for clinics many times throughout the year at Catlin Farm with spots always available to students. When available, spots are also open to the public. Auditors are always welcome.


  1. 2008 USDF Region 9 3rd Level Reserve Champion on Rock Star

  2. 2006 USDF Region 4 Intermediare 1
    Champion on Blue Sky

  3. 2006 USDF Region 4 PSG 3rd Place on Blue Sky

  4. 2004 USDF Region 4 2nd Level 3rd Place on Blue Sky

  5. 2004 USDF Region 4 PSG 3rd Place on Cocomo

  6. 2004 USDF Region 4 Intermediare 1
    Champion on Cocomo

  7. Competed at the 2002 NAYRC on Florette

  8. Qualified for 2003 NAYRC on Rubicon

  9. 2000 USDF Region 4 3rd Level Champion on Rubicon



What others are saying about Lindsey

Lindsey helped me find a talented young horse that was within my budget, and who is very well-suited for me.  Lindsey believes that he and I can achieve my goals of showing FEI.  I have full confidence in Lindsey's riding and teaching abilities, and her attention to detail and her full commitment to me (and all her students) make her an excellent instructor. She has a professional approach to her job; she has a schedule for her lessons and her training rides, and I can count on her to be on time and fully focused on me and my horse in each lesson. 

-Lisa Holderle

I am so thankful to Lindsey for finding my horse for me. Prior to Lindsey, I had approached several different dressage trainers in the hopes of finding help to look for a nice dressage prospect. It was a relief to finally be taken seriously when Lindsey enthusiastically agreed to help. I wanted a "small" (15-16h), sensible horse with the conformation to do dressage, that I could take to shows, go on trail rides with, and was priced within my budget (not asking much, eh?). Well, she delivered! Rabbah was a 15.2 h, five year old black bay Arabian Trakehner cross gelding. The moment I got on Rabbah's back, I felt this unexplainable "contentment" and knew he was the horse for me. Rabbah is a wonderful, cute, sweet, no-nonsense horse with an "old soul" attitude whom I can take anywhere. Exactly what I was looking for!! After just a few months of training at Catlin Farm, we showed in our first training level and intro level tests and scored in the low 60's. We even won reserve champion. It was wonderful to finally pursue this small dream of mine.

Thank you Lindsey for finding my special "guy". I am forever grateful.

-Lucinda Moore

I’m totally convinced that my horse and I are Lindsey’s biggest-ever training success story. My horse, an oddly built draft cross, lacks both the talent and the temperament for the discipline of dressage; on top of that, I only started riding when middle aged, then took time off for hip replacement surgery! Despite all of this, Lindsey has stuck with us and is ever-so-slowly teaching me how to ride.

Other trainers would spend a lot of time and energy trying to persuade me to buy a new horse. Once I made clear my commitment to Bennigan, Lindsey set about making us the best pair we could be. She doesn’t skate over our deficiencies. At one point when I wanted to enter a show, she offered me this choice; we could work on faking the test, or we could circle back to make needed improvements in my position. Needless to say “I’d like to work on faking the test” wasn’t the right answer. I’ve emerged a better rider from the episode. Lindsey doesn’t try to protect her reputation by dissuading her more inept students from showing. I feel she’s there fully supporting my ongoing attempt to break 60 at training level!

-Taffy Ross

I am very grateful to Lindsey and Catlin Farm for their care and support. When I came to Catlin Farm four years ago my horse, Sampson, was having a challenging time recovering from a severe injury. Lindsey’s respect, compassion, and understanding gave Sampson and me the courage and strength we needed to recover. Even after countless setbacks, we never gave up. So much of the battle in recovery is building back confidence and trust. Under Lindsey’s guidance, we knew when to rest and when to work harder. As an exceptional rider, she shares her many gifts and passion for the sport of dressage. I feel blessed to be able to ride a horse I love dearly and experience the joy of our success. Last year, we went to our first dressage show and actually took first place! Lindsey’s patience and encouragement helped our nerves and made me realize that dreams really do come true!

-Rebecca Reeve

Lindsey is a beautiful rider and an excellent instructor!

-Betty Roman

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